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Baroness Zaria is a highly regarded life and success coach who has helped numerous individuals transform their lives and achieve their goals. She has an extensive background in psychology and counseling, as well as over a decade of experience in coaching individuals from all walks of life.

Baroness Zaria has a unique approach to coaching, blending her expertise in psychology with a holistic perspective that takes into account the mind, body, and spirit. She believes that true success and fulfillment come from a balance of these three elements, and she works with her clients to create customized plans that address their individual needs and goals.

Who is it for?

Our personalized coaching programs are designed to help you achieve your specific goals by working closely with our coaches

Who is it NOT for?

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Module one

I am Enough


  • Feelings of self-acceptance
  • Feeling safe in your own skin
  • Better understanding of why you felt flawed and be able to regain feelings of wholeness
  • Releasing past traumas
  • Step into the power of the real you
  • Discover your personal super powers
  • Leverage your super powers for the life of your dreams


We all seek a sense of oneness, a sense of belonging. But what if you aren’t meant to belong? What if you are meant to be wildly and uniquely you? What if you are here to change the game? Not play it. 

I am Enough.

I am Whole. 

I belong in the world I was brought into under the laws of divine creation. 

I am One with Mother Earth. 

I am divinity personified

Module two

Navigating Relationships


  • Feel a sense of belonging and community
  • Welcome your differences
  • Use new tools to navigate communication and relationships with NDs and NTs
  • Understand how those relationships/communication styles differ
  • Cope better with rejection and reframe it to gratitude for removing friction from your life
  • Physical health improvements: feel better physically
  • Understand the different levels of relationship (stranger, acquaintance, activity partner, friend, romantic partner, family member)


Relationships can be confusing when they are not what they seem. How to cut through the bullshit and reveal a person’s true intentions. 

Learn to trust your gut and know who is safe and who is a scammer/abuser. 

Learn to pick up on NT subtleties including: Sarcasm, veiled insults, threats shrouded in “comedy”, decipher body language and learn social cues to catapult you to success in relationships from romance to employment. 

Identify and avoid narcissistic abusers.

Module three

Cultivating Community


  • Connect with new people strengthen existing relationship bonds and how to cultivate relationships
  • Better relationships
  • New relationships (depends on the coachee)
  • Feeling better due to continued wellness practice
  • More self confidence due to developing trust in the self and self-esteem from being reliable


You deserve a community of loving, kind like minded individuals. You deserve to feel like you belong, because you do. 

Connect with new people strengthen existing relationship bonds and gain the know-how to cultivate Lasting relationships.

Module four

A Safe Place to Be Me


  • Feel confident in who you are and who you present to the world
  • It’s ok if these two things are different sometimes! 
  • Identify what the mask is and when to use it or not
  • Be able to confidently use the mask to leverage your power as a human on earth and drop it when it doesn’t serve you
  • Reframing the mask as a special tool, up to you how you wield it
  • Improved wellness from wellness practices
  • More relaxed state of being 
  • More good feelings!


Confidently use the mask to leverage your power as a human on earth and drop it when it doesn’t serve you. The mask is a special tool and it’s up to you how you wield it. 

find time to be yourself and actually RELAX, get weird, be unapologetically you. Discover who you truly are under the mask. Find a safe place to remove the mask and express the real you! All your life you have been told by the world “To just be you” and over and over you have been told “you are too much, too loud, too vibrant” so who the fuck are you supposed to be? If you are being told to be you but then being told that you are “too much” what does that mean? Absolutely nothing! Time to ignore the banter and develop an authentic love and acceptance of who you are. Embrace exactly how you show up in the world! 

There is no such thing as too much you!

Module five

Coping in an allistic world


  • Feelings of peace and relief
  • The ability to hand your troubles over to “a higher power” surrender and let go
  • Fill your purse or toolbelt with tools to keep you safe in scary situations 
  • Feel empowered to manage the stress of daily life
  • Develop your emergency tool kit for coping with extreme stress
  • Others may be starting to notice + changes in you!


Develop the tools to cope with the demands of life in a world built for neurotypicals. Cultivate a tailor made tool box to ease the overwhelm, relieve suffering and distraction of everyday 

life in an overstimulating environment. Cultivate a safe space for yourself.

Module six

Rediscover Play As An Adult


  • Re-engagement with special interests and acceptance of them regardless of interest or age
  • Flow state 
  • laughter 
  • Creativity
  • Feel more joy
  • Self esteem continues to grow


How long has it been since you played chase with a person, a pet, or a wave at the ocean? How long has it been since you ran with pure joy? Rolled in the grass or laughed until your belly ached? How long has it been since you felt light with joy and laughter? Recapture the joy of childhood, learn to play again!

Now conquer and make this world a more comfortable and desirable place to live.

Module seven

Flourishing With a Disability


  • Increased energy and lowered anxiety 
  • More self-confidence 
  • New SOS tools 
  • Better understanding of how ND energy resources work and how to utilize limited energy resources over time. 
  • Continue to build your self-care, self advocacy tool box and learn how to live well and thrive! 
  • Develop the mindset to thrive in a world not built for you
  • Differentiate between what is your disability and what are limited beliefs and change what you have control over


Go from floundering to flourishing as you discover the real you and harness your personal super powers to become your ideal version of yourself.

Develop resilience and durability and develop the most important thing – your mindset to thrive in a world which was not made for you.

Module eight

Boundaries and Self-Advocacy


  • Set and enforce healthy boundaries that will protect you and your strength as an individual
  • Develop skills to tactfully request accommodations when necessary
  • Learn how to ask for what you need when you need it
  • Feel better! Increased energy, less anxiety, you may even be sleeping better!
  • Personality Type understanding


Do you feel exhausted and burned out all the time? Do you feel like others are constantly taking advantage of you or expecting too much of you but not returning the favor? Learn how to set and maintain strong healthy boundaries for your own wellness. Do you have the tools to advocate for your personal needs? Do you know what you need and how to ask for it and actually get it? Develop tailor made strong boundaries and self-advocacy in this module.

Module nine

Avatar: Personal Branding


  • Personal branding/Presenting a consistent image of who you are this image will act as armor to the outside world
  • When you wear your make-up or your designated clothing style you will feel safe and more empowered
  • After a month of the 5 factors of wellness you will feel a renewed sense of energy, vitality and vibrance 
  • You will be practicing what you enjoy and love every day, not just when you have time! 
  • You will consciously cultivate your life by design instead of by accident 
  • You will feel empowered, energized and excited to start each day


Which superhero do you identify with? Why? What is it about them that lights you up? Let’s turn it into a real world applicable avatar model! Do you love superman because he can fly! Why not embrace Red as your power color! Do you 

love cat woman because she is a badass? Why not embrace black as your power color? Leverage the power of personal heroes to develop armor to protect you 

from the world. It’s a harsh place out there and no matter how much we pretend it’s kind and gentle and nice it can still be the wild west out there. How will you prepare for it on a daily basis?

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