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KTR Wealth Coach Joins the SIS Expo 2024: Your Path to Financial Freedom Awaits!

KTR Wealth Coach from will be joining the SIS Expo 2024 on July 20th and 21st in New York City. This event offers a unique opportunity for attendees to gain expert financial advice, participate in Q&A sessions, and explore customized financial plans. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your financial future by attending the expo. Visit for more details.

Exploring the World of Side Hustles

“Exploring the World of Side Hustles” by Keniesha Rhooms, the focus is on the growing trend of side hustles as a lifestyle choice. It highlights that side hustles, differing from traditional part-time jobs, offer individuals the freedom to pursue their passions on their own terms, such as freelance writing, graphic design, or running an online store. The piece underscores the benefits of side hustles, including financial independence and personal growth, while acknowledging challenges like time management and avoiding burnout. It advises readers on starting their side hustle journey, emphasizing the importance of identifying passions, setting realistic goals, and utilizing resources like online forums and workshops. The blog concludes by framing side hustles as opportunities for personal growth and creativity, encouraging readers to share their experiences and explore various linked side hustle opportunities.

From Pennies to Prosperity: Create these Financial Habits

Navigating the realms of financial freedom, credit enhancement, and wealth building can be intricate. Effective savings strategies like smart budgeting, automated savings, and wise shopping are foundational. Yet, true wealth comes from exploring avenues like diverse investments, real estate, and lucrative side hustles. Enhancing your credit score is its own unique journey, requiring timely payments, mindful credit utilization and being strategic with your credit choices. Embarking on this financial expedition alone can be daunting. But with the guidance of a financial coach, like those at, the path becomes clearer and achievable. Enter here to read more.

Welcome to KTR Wealth

Hello there! I am Keniesha T. Rhooms, your personal wealth coach at KTR Wealth. Our mission here is transforming tomorrow by unlocking your wealth potential. We can be found at where we offer a multitude of resources and services. So who are we? We're a...

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